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We understand the inspection is, in fact, one of the biggest hurdles getting to the closing table. Realtors and inspectors who trust one another to serve the client are capable of helping a lot of people, becoming a reputable name and succeeding in their markets.

Celtic Home Inspections wants to work with you to help homebuyers make knowledgeable decisions about what properties to buy. We pride ourselves on delivering the facts – in relation to reality, not an idealized, perfectly built home that does not exist. We won’t exaggerate findings or make the buyer feel like they are purchasing a porcelain doll, unless they really are. We’ve worked with realtors for over 14 years, and understand that the main difference between a good and bad home inspector is knowing how to thoroughly inspect, and the delivery of information within a fast timeframe. You want honesty and perspective without the drama and that’s where Celtic Home Inspections comes in. Here are the top seven things you should expect from working with us: 

  1. Schedule multiple inspections within one appointment time (home, pest, wood stove certifications, HVAC, chimney)
  2. Delivering an entirely thorough inspection by experienced inspectors
  3. Accurately presenting problems with honesty and professionalism
  4. Communicate findings in such a manner that the buyer knows when something is a big problem and when it isn’t
  5. When a client has questions, we immediately follow-up with answers
  6. Clear and concise reports with an easy-to-read format and delivered to you with a 24/hour time stamp
  7. Prompt and on-time to scheduled appointments


The Celtic Home Inspections team is here to guide you through the inspection process and provide you with detailed information about the property in a clear and concise format. Since opening the company in 2006, we have completed thousands of inspections in Northern Nevada for buyers, sellers, investors and real estate professionals. All of our professional inspectors are extensively trained and then certified by the State of Nevada.

Meet Your Inspectors

Multiple Inspections, One Appointment

Celtic Home Inspections offers multiple inspections to take place during one scheduled appointment. There is no need to return to a property multiple times in order to achieve home, pest, wood stove certifications (for Washoe County Air Quality), HVAC, and chimney sweep services. Just let us know what you need and we will arrange an appointment.

Schedule Multiple Inspections

Always Prompt, Always Thorough

Our inspectors typically arrive before the scheduled home inspection time in order to start on the exterior of the home. Once the inspection is completed, the inspector can answer questions you may have regarding any discoveries. Our inspection reports are delivered via email to you and your client within the next business day.

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